Best acoustic guitars under 5,000

“Acoustic guitars are one of the best kinds of guitars. They are easy-to-play as they do not require any hefty setup material such as amps. They are also perfect for new learners as it helps them in understanding the chords and lets them learn from scratch.”

Wanna learn guitar, wanna play it like bob Marley but you are getting confused which guitar to buy, what type of guitar you can use as beginner.

Getting a good guitar as a beginner is very important which can increase your interest in learning. Good music needs to have good quality instruments which you can get easily with “”.

We have analyzed over 50 acoustic guitars and have come up with some of the best acoustic guitars under 5000 rupees. 

The main features of these guitars are the good quality of wood used, stability, sound, high quality making, and high durability.

These guitars are good for beginners as well as the intermediate guitarists because of there high durability and great sound.

Come on, let’s dive into the world of guitars and get the best acoustic guitar under 5000.

Juárez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C with Bag, Strings, Pick and Strap, Black.

Finding the best acoustic guitar under the price of INR 5000 is not an easy task. However, this guitar from the brand Juarez is an acoustic guitar that comes designed to offer maximum benefits that a premium product offers. Unlike most of the other acoustic guitars under 5000, this one comes with a good warranty period and good quality body.

Unlike other classic acoustic guitars available on the market, this one comes in an attractive red color. While some guitars at this price range come in an annoying red color, this one comes with a decent red color. The entire guitar has a cutaway body shape, which could make it one of the best options at this price range.

Some notable features of this guitar.

Scale25.6 inch
BodyMan of war
DevelopmentDovetail Neck Joint
Back MaterialMahogany
Weight2.68 Kg
Guarantee1 year
DecorateWhite Dot
  • This acoustic guitar comes designed to be used with a right hand.
  • The body of this acoustic guitar is made of linden wood, fretboard made of rosewood, and neck made of linden wood.
  • This guitar comes incorporated with 6 strings; each string made of stainless steel.
  • One of the best things about this guitar is that it comes with 20 different frets.
  • The overall design of the guitar makes it look more attractive.
  • This acoustic guitar comes with a 38-inch-long bridge, which makes it suitable for beginner players.
  • This acoustic guitar comes at a reasonable price.
  • This acoustic guitar comes with a low-quality strap.
  • This guitar is made in China.
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Kedence Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar with Die Cast Keys.

The biggest misconception in customers about buying the acoustic guitars under 5000 is the bad quality, which this company proves wrong . If you want a quality best acoustic guitar under 5000 then you must check the Kedence Frontier series guitars. From the house of Kadence comes the frontier series. These semi acoustic guitars are built to have great sound quality, high durability, and increased ease of use for both beginners as well as professionals. The 41-inch Size helps to make the sound much fuller and to sustain in the sound box. 

The Spruce Body allows for a high fidelity resonating hollow chamber and the rosewood fretboard makes is very durable with great sound carrying capabilities. This model features a truss rod for better adjusting of the sound and an equalizer with a pickup so that you can connect the guitar to an amplifier. If you are looking for a great quality acoustic guitar the Frontier Series from Kadence is what you need.

Some notable features of this guitar.

✔ 40-inch concert size guitar.
✔ Great string quality.
✔ Best exterior build quality and appearance.
✔ This guitar comes with a complimentary Bag, Strap, Strings, and 3 plectrums.
✔ Gives a comfortable playing experience while standing as well as sitting.
  • This acoustic guitar comes in a perfectly designed cutaway body shape.
  • The guitar body is made up of spruce which gives the best of its sound.
  • The fretboard is made up of high-quality rosewood having 20 frets.
  • This model features a truss rod inside the fretboard for a better adjustment.
  • This guitar weighs 3.76 kgs, which is comparatively heavier than other guitars. While this slight increase in weight might not be an issue for most people, but some people, in the long run, it could mean more strain.
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Henrix 38 Acoustic Guitar with Die-cast Tuners and Dual-action Truss Rod – Includes Picks, Bag, Strings, Strap, Polishing Cloth and String Winder

Henrix 38C accompanies a double activity bracket bar which gives you the freedom to change the activity of your neck one or the other way whenever twisted. This is a further developed plan and is utilized by current luthiers over the vintage single bracket bar. Consequently, a twist in the neck in either bearing can be fixed. This expands your guitar’s life by making it stronger to environmental changes. Guitars without this double activity support pole need robust fix responsibilities to fix neck twists. The 38C accompanies high exactness open stuff tuners. This permits you an easy and exact tuning. We add an embellishment load with this guitar which makes this a one-stop answer for any novice. The pack incorporates – A guitar lash, three plectrums (picks), additional strings set, string winder, and a microfiber guitar cleaning fabric.

Some notable features of this guitar.

✔ Wonderful Starter Guitar by Yamaha
✔ Conventional Western Body Guitar With High-Quality Wood.
✔ Great Sound and Build Quality.
✔ Hand-Finished Guitar which Looks Great.
✔ Hex Wrench Guitar Accessories
  • This is a 38-inch acoustic cutaway guitar that is designed to offer maximum crystal-clear sound.
  • The fingerboard of this acoustic guitar is made of rosewood and top made of Basswood.
  • This acoustic guitar has a classic natural look with minimum exterior designs.
  • The guitar has 6 strings that are made of stainless steel for maximum pure sound and high durability.
  • This acoustic guitar is comparatively heavier than most of the guitars available on the market. This heavyweight could prove very uncomfortable in the long run.
  • This guitar is made in China.
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Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap, Black

In the event that you are a music sweetheart and an enthusiast of acoustic guitars specifically, at that point this 38-inch guitar from the place of Intern is an absolute necessity purchase. Extraordinary quality and perfect styling are only a portion of the highlights. Fabricated by the main brand, this fundamental acoustic guitar is exceptionally appealing to take a gander at, civility its adapted looks, and the splendid dark tone. A capable acoustic guitar, its neck material is produced using linden wood, connect material is produced using plastic, fingerboard and back material is produced using linden wood, the string is produced using nylon, and sides material is produced using linden.

Some notable features of this guitar.

✔ Lightweight and Beautiful Looking Guitar
✔ Astonishing Sound Quality
✔ Entirely Comfortable To Play
✔ All around Designed and Crafted Fretboard
✔ Gunboat Squier Guitar Body
  • Great looks with an innovative design to produce good quality sound
  • Material: Linden wood finger board with ebony wood fretboard and 38-inch cutaway design
  • Black glossy finish with 18 frets
  • Includes: 38-inch acoustic guitar with strap, bag, string set and 3 picks
  • Linden binding and full wood construction with geared tuning, wood frame and steel strings.Positive
  • Bridge material: Plastic
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Blueberry Model Number B-40Y-Sunburst, 40 Inches Acoustic Guitar

Some people feel comfortable playing heavy guitars and they are uncomfortable using light-weight guitars. If you are such a person, then this guitar from the brand Blueberry is the best option for you. While this guitar is heavy, it does not mess up the features or the sound’s quality. 

Blueberry Deigned B-40Y, 40” Cutway guitar innovative design to produce good quality sound, Its Great quality, and impeccable styling are just some of the features. It is manufactured by a leading brand, the material used – Top made from Spruce wood, Side & Back made from linden wood, Fingerboard made from Ebony Engineered Wood, bridge material is made from Ebony Engineered Wood, its neck material is made from Catalpa wood, Machine head: Chrome die-cast, Binding: ABS, Finish: High gloss, Truss Rod for better adjustment of Guitar Action, Size 40-inch, Style – Cutway, the string is made from Bronze, Available in 3 Color. Get 2 Pick & One extra String Set for extra Practice. Free Bag for Extra Safety.

Some notable features of this guitar.

Type – Acoustic Guitar with cutaway
✔ Model – MD39C
✔ Fret with truss rod
✔ Top – Spruce
✔ Back & Sides – Nato
✔ Size – 39 inches
✔ Number of Strings – 6
✔ Number of Frets – 20
✔ Fingerboard Material – Rosewood
✔ Finish – Natural & Sunburst
✔ Made exclusively for India
✔ Bag: Included
  • The fretboard comes with a ebony engineered wood, and truss rod for better adjustment of guitar action.
  • It is available in 3 colors.
  • The guitar body is made up of spruce wood which gives an extreme finish and sound quality.
  • The weight for some guitarists is a bit higher i.e., 2 kgs.
If you are a beginner and want to buy an online acoustic guitar you have to do a considerable search which can be a great help also you can consult the friends who play guitar.
I hope this review guide from “” will help you choose your pocket-friendly acoustic guitar under 5000.
Do comment on your experience with us and your suggestions for some other best acoustic guitars under 5000. Thanks for reading.

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