Top 5 Best Guitars Under 5000 in India 2020 Review

Are you a passionate guitarist or just a beginner who is looking for the best guitars under 5000? I know it’s quite exhausting to shortlist the best guitars from the pool of this amazing musical instrument.

After reading about tens of best guitars, we have picked the top 5 best guitars just for you which are most suitable & widely chosen in India. So now there is no trouble and hassle for you to endlessly drown into searching for hours to get that perfect guitar brand.

In the below listed best acoustic guitars under 5000, we have included fine details for each guitar which will help you go deeper into analyzing and select the perfect companion for your skill to further nourish and no matter if you are a skilled performer or a beginner this guide will take you one step ahead in choosing the amazing guitar which is made just for you.

Top 5 Best Guitars Under 5000 In India 2020


Top Highlights

  • Top body’ material: Spruce
  • Back frame and Side material: Meranti
  • The neck is made of Nato
  • The fingerboard and the body bridge’s material: Rosewood
  • Ideal for Intermediate players.

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality Yamaha guitars under 5000, then Yamaha f310 should be your choice. It has been the leading guitar manufacturer for many decades and has been delivering high-quality musical instruments to the music lovers.

Its dreadnought piece is manufactured from handpicked spruce wood Whereas the sides with meranti wood, which is considered as light hardwood abundantly found in South East Asia. The neck is made with Nato wood giving it an attractive look further.

Its Fret and bridge are made up of rosewood and the strings are made up of stainless steel which makes it easier for a musician to play the guitar. The glossy appearance makes it more classy and stylish.

Do you play at parties or concerts? you need to play higher notes, with frets of guitars that are evenly positioned so you can play without any disturbances. The guitar has passed several quality checks and a high-quality test. Yamaha guitars are well known for durability and stability in the mid-range segment.

The guitar is shorter in scale length, but it is well designed to kinder to fingertips while playing guitar chords & tabs both. The brand’s legendary quality ensures that the guitar is assembled with almost the same specifications as professional models with outstanding playing experience, so as to maintain a good customer relationship.

Conclusion – the F310 is highly compatible in providing quality at a budget-friendly price. The sound is enchanting with sweet resonance. Yamaha’s renowned quality with real rosewood adds comfort with reduced body depth. The piece is most lovable among young players & seeding artists.


Top Highlights

  • It’s a Six Roundwood Strings guitar
  • String Material: Stainless steel strings
  • Spruce wood on the body
  • Less bass & more treble.
  • Natural & black Color options available
  • Durable and comfortable to hold.
  • Ideal for Beginners

Kadence is a choice for those music enthusiasts who are searching for a whole sole package at a pocket-friendly price. The model is aimed at beginners with classy designs combining affordability packed with great features. The guitar is constructed from rosewood that gives acoustic effect and superior performance compared to different other models available in the market. 

The shaft construction of the guitar is made of spruce wood that ensures the high quality of the guitar. It comes with six strings made of stainless steel so that you can use the guitar for a longer period of time. You would be able to play a great guitar with the loyal brand of Kadence and high in terms of sound quality, body, and color.

Its portable design makes it ideal for carrying due to its smaller body and beautiful cutaway design. The length of the device is 39 inches that make it easy to use for people of all age groups. 

No matter if you are thinking of fingerpicking or strumming, the medium guitar body is a perfect choice. The sound quality is too good for the guitar at this price.

The significant advantage of the brand is it provides a digital tuner which allows one to adjust the tuning as per your choice. The guitar comes with strings, straps, and cases too. What else can you expect from a high-quality brand guitar with most of the accessories included in it, at an affordable price?

Conclusion – Indeed the Kadence series is the most loved brand in India amongst teenagers and the best acoustic guitars under 5000 for beginners. For a beginner, you do not need to look beyond anything and trust this guitar. Many musicians prefer smaller body guitars. Getting extra accessories within the same price is an advantage.


Top Highlights

  • Budget-friendly Acoustic stainless steel strings guitar
  • It has a Truss rod cutaway at the size of 38C.
  • Glossy Top makes it attractive
  • Basswood back and sides makes it look premium
  • Rosewood fretboards make it rigid
  • 18 Frets style
  • Includes bag, strings, strap clothes, and string pair.
  • Ideal for Beginners

You love making good music and need an acoustic guitar that is the best selling guitar from the house of well-known Brands. Then, you got this one right. It is one of the leading brands with a highly reputed manufacturer with high quality at a low price.

The 38-inch guitar is a must buy with impeccable style and superior quality with added features, ideally made for beginners. The neck is built up with a Linden wood instrument with a glossy black finish. The guitar is built with 18 evenly spaced frets that offer you to play music smoothly. The lower portion of the fret consists of ample space to play higher notes comfortably without mingling fingers.

The bridge is made of plastic. Thanks to the lift mechanism, it allows you to adjust the height of strings so that you can play easily. The fingerboard is a combination of Ebony woods along with Linden wood while the rest of the body is made of Linden wood, which is the most preferred material in guitar.

It comes with Nylon strings by default which offers you the freedom to play quickly, without hurting your fingers, whether it be beginners or children in particular. You don’t have to buy other accessories separately; you get pick, strap, bags, and strings in the box items.

Conclusion – The instrument is a worthy product for beginners who want to practice without spending much money on their initial stage of learning. The brand offers you superior quality guitars, and there are about 800+ positive reviews found for the guitar on various e-commerce platforms.


Top Highlights

  • Budget-friendly Acoustic stainless steel strings guitar
  • It has a Truss rod cutaway at the size of 38C.
  • Glossy Top makes it attractive
  • Basswood back and sides makes it look premium
  • Rosewood fretboards make it rigid
  • 18 Frets style
  • Includes bag, strings, strap clothes, and string pair.
  • Ideal for Beginners

Great news for guitar learners. On the list of Best acoustic guitars under 5000 in India, Henrix 38c is ideal for people who are hunting for an instrument to learn new lessons but are budget conscious.

This 38 inches guitar is equipped with a dual-action truss rod that gives you the freedom to adjust the neck of the instrument in either direction. Its advanced design is preferred by a lot of modern professionalists or guitarists over the old and traditional single truss rod. The components are scrutinized so that your guitar’s life is more resilient to atmospheric changes.

It has been proved that the dual-action truss rod requires occasional repair works to fix neck wraps. As you expect from the instrument in this price range, the Henry 38 is entirely made of superior Rosewood. Unlike other cheaper options that are made from plastic, ply, or laminated, wood produces outstanding resonance and discloses more of the wood character on the guitar sound.

The 38 C guitar is made with high precision for smooth and accurate tuning. It is a crucial factor in equipment to tune a guitar. You get these features in professional guitars. With laminated diecast tuners, you can gain effortless and precise tuning. These features are useful for extended jam sessions for non-stop fun. 

The equipment comes with a lot of accessories, which makes it a one-stop instrument for beginners. It includes a guitar bag, three picks, strings, string winder, microfibre guitar cloth, and straps.

Conclusion – A 38 C inch cutaway acoustic guitar has features that are found in most professional guitars. Henrix is well known for its value for money products, there is no exception for this instrument. The instruments offer you top-notch acoustic along with style and flair to match. It is an outstanding choice if you are a beginner and just trying your hands on the strings.


Top Highlights

  • Strings: 6 Strings made of Nylon
  • Neck & Body Material: Linden Wood
  • Fret design: 18 Frets
  • Combo Includes: bag, strings, and two picks
  • Ideal for Beginners

Jixing is a Chinese guitar manufacturer which sells millions of guitars on Amazon online for a few of the best reasons. The guitars it provides are available for low budget-priced and best sellers on the Internet. The Jixing JXNG guitar includes 18 regular space fret that makes it easy for people with comparatively small hands to switch frets easily.

Most of the guitar’s bridge is made of superior wood, but due to budget constraints, its bridge is made of plastic, which is also the right choice. If you are a beginner and want to get hands-on in playing fingerstyle, then this acoustic guitar is for you.

The fingerboard is made up of linden wood that is the standard material chosen by most of the manufacturers for a fingerboard. The size is ideal for beginners. The strings are made up of Nylon, which ensures that you can play classical music with ease and flexibility. These strings are soft and can be used to play classical music & folks.

It comes in Black and Blue color variants that are available to purchase directly on amazon. There are accessories included in the combo, like Guitar Strap, Carry case, Pack of strings, and two extra picks, which is a value for money deal at this price point.

Conclusion – If you are a music lover who is seeking a pocket-friendly option, then this is for you. The neck and body are made with linden wood that makes the guitar an attractive option. The guitar combines look and good quality material to produce good quality sound.

I hope this guide is helpful for you and has everything you need to select the best acoustic guitars under 5000 ₹. 

As the famous guitarist, Jimmy Page says “I Believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it”. 

Choose the best and keep rocking your world with your unique style.

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